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New Arrivals

  • The Barbed Wire Anklet
  • The ACAB Chain
  • The Gold Femme Bust Chain
  • The Silver Femme Bust Chain
  • The Simple Pearl Necklace
  • The Perla Necklace (Customizable)
  • The Sweetheart Hoops
  • The Updated Charm Necklace (Customizable)
  • The Silver Crystal Cherry Earrings
  • The Silver Fleur Chain
  • The Silver Fleur Hoops
  • 24K Crystal Star Yellow Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Piercing Earring
  • Stainless Steel Yellow Gold Plated Pink CZ Piercing Earring
  • 14k Yellow Gold Piercing Earring 3mm
  • Stainless Steel Yellow Gold-Plated Piercing CZ Earring 3mm
  • Stainless Steel Piercing CZ Earring 3mm