The Amore Estivo Chain (Customizable)


To Order Correctly: 

  1. Select "One Size" 
  2. Select Number of Charms - (Excluding Teddy Bear & 2 Dice Beads)
  3. Select Yes or No Teddy Bear Charm 
  4. Select 2 Dice Beads (Optional) 
  5. Select your Clasp 
  6. Select your Charms 

Number Charms not offered. Bee Charm - SOLD OUT 

Teddy Bear and 2 Dice beads included for free (Optional). These charms are not included in the total number of charms selected. The artists will choose the placement of the Teddy Bear and 2 Dice Beads. 

Model Is Wearing "One Size" : 3 Sterling Silver Red Hearts, 2 Sterling Silver Blue Stars, 2 Sterling Silver Dice and 1 Sterling Silver Teddy Bear.


  • Authentic Swarovski 4mm Pearl - Silky and polished like a classic pearl with a durable sparkly white hue 
  • Full length is 28" including Heart Clasp
    • Double up for a double choker look or keep it one length for a long necklace


    How to Care for your DALMATA pieces click here "Care Tips"