BIPOC Ambassador Program

DALMATA is proud to introduce The BIPOC Ambassador Program as a way to not only support our POC customers but to showcase their creativity. With Covid-19, we are no longer able to move forward with our plan to hire BIPOC models to showcase DALMATA. 

Once accepted as an Ambassador you will choose 2 DALMATA jewelry pieces for free. It is required to create a post(s), video(s), with your new jewelry and tag DALMATA on a consistent basis. 

If the photo is reposted on our DALMATA profile we will send you a one time $50 payment via Paypal. In addition there will be a Rewards structure. 

If accepted an email response will be sent within 10 Business Days after submitting the application. The email will include more details about the program. If not accepted we encourage you to apply each month.  

In order to be considered: 

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Own Social Media Accounts
  3. All Social Media Channels are Public
  4. Have a passion for Jewelry and Fashion
  5. Complete Application Form/Submit 2 photos 

To apply please complete the application form below. 

Thank you for your interest!