The Imperial Opal Chain
The Imperial Opal Chain

The Imperial Opal Chain


Made from a Sterling Silver Chain and Imperial Opal in a Hexagonal Shape.

  • Full circumference of necklace is 16"

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♥This pendant features a single-point 10 x 5mm hexagonal Imperial Opal crystal finished with a sterling silver end cap and ring bail. Each stone offers a unique pattern of natural inclusions that vary from stone-to-stone. The end cap is plated with fine silver, providing a durable, tarnish-resistant finish. 

♥Imperial Opal is a rich green stone with black veining; the chatoyance effect provides reflective properties that are different in each stone. In the metaphysical realm, green opal is said to be a rejuvenating stone, bringing recovery from illness and helping to unburden one's heart.

♥Some believe that single-point crystals aid in healing. When positioned so that the crystal is pointing away from the body, it is said to draw negative energy away; when pointed toward the body, it is said to channel positive energy inward and to balance energy within the body.