Stainless Steel Piercing CZ Earring 3mm



This set of Inverness® piercing earrings contains two pairs of stainless steel, post earrings prong-set CZ gemstone and a Safety Back™ ear nut. Each earring and nut is individually packaged in a unique, sealed and sterile cartridge. Designed specifically to work with the patented Inverness® ear-piercing instrument (available separately), each of the two cartridges snaps securely into place in the instrument. 

Inverness® piercing earrings are designed with precision, ultra-fine, extra-sharp piercing points that glide easily through the ear (without damaging adjacent tissue) and have Safety Back™ nuts that shield the piercing tip after piercing and prevent the earring from being squeezed too tight. The proper placement of the earring promotes healing by allowing room for proper air flow and effective cleaning during the healing period.

To use, simply load one of the two earring cartridges into your piercing instrument. The cartridge protects the earring and keeps it pristine right up until you squeeze the handle, piercing the ear and positioning the earring perfectly. The cartridge, once locked into the instrument, won’t fall out, even if the instrument is held upside down. After piercing, the unique push-button ejection system allows you to pop the cartridge out, disposing of it neatly and cleanly—without ever having to touch it.

Please Note:

• The Inverness® ear piercing instrument is intended ONLY for use on the ear lobe and edge areas, as directed in the instructions provided with the equipment.
• Before using the Inverness® (or any other) ear-piercing equipment, you are responsible for knowing and following the applicable laws and regulations that govern its use in your location.

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